Proceedings from e-mail messages to the WAOE-Board list:

WAOE Board of Directors' Meeting from September 7, 2006

Tentative Agenda
1. Call to order
2. Roll Call of attending members
3. Acceptance of the Minutes of the last meeting, March 2006
4. Directors' reports
-Any financial or other needs?
5. Old Business
-Any organizational changes?
6. New Business
-Election results
-Measures to minimize site maintenance and database support
7. Discussion items
-Anything besides business is subject to discussion
8. Adjournment
Steve McCarty, President

Board meeting to begin (September 8 e-mail message)
It's time to start the Annual Board meeting and I'd like to
finalize the agenda. As old business we could perhaps deal
with WAOE's NPO status. Then there are organizational issues
such as perhaps dissolving the Ring into Views as committees
have been inactive. Finally there are the many changes resulting
from the new ISP and what Maggie will be proposing. While any issue
can be discussed, let us know what official actions we may need to take.
Steve McCarty

Dear Prof. McCarty-ji, and respected Board members:
Although I agree with you, that, committees have been inactive, I would like to
motivate other officers, like Dr. Katherine Watson--who is willing to work with
me on the issue of multilingualism, which I greatly appreciate. As--you know, I
am holding the Chair of Multilingual Coordinator--I would like to share/divide
my work with Katherine. Of-course, other staffs are also welcome to work on
this issue by sharing their cultural experiences of multilingualism, or
cross-cultural experiences in online learning and education. If I correct
myself, we have a linguistic scholar, Dr. Luigi from Italy?--he can also work
with us on the above topic.
With regards,
Arun Tripathi, Vice-President

First we need to set the agenda, so I'm asking for agenda items.
You can also send a message to the list indicating your presence
at the meeting and ability to see all the proceedings and interact.
Agenda items that need action are most important, while anything else
is subject to discussion. Some of us are involved also with the AMM,
so we can go at a deliberate pace and do or discuss what is necessary.
Thank you,

Thanks very much for your explanation.
I am present and can receive and respond to the proceeding of this
Annual Board of Directors' Meeting 2006.
Sincerely yours,
Arun Kumar Tripathi

Hi everyone! I'm present and glad to be with all of you for our board meeting! :)
Warmest regards,
Mary Dereshiwsky, Executive Secretary

I am present and can receive and respond to the proceeding of this Board
of Directors' Meeting 2006.
Michael D Warner
WAOE Cyber Parliamentarian

I am present as an observer at this meeting and can see the meeting
in this venue.
Jenna Seehafer, Founding NPO Representative, former Director
California State University, Sacramento

Hello Boarders,
I am present and hoping to participate in Waoery.
Thank you
Dr. Katherine Watson, NPO Representative
Coastline Distance Learning
Fountain Valley, California Usa

I am present and can receive and respond to the proceeding of this
Annual Board of Directors' Meeting 2006.
Mike Holmwood
1117 Pendrell Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6E 1L3

While not all Board members have indicated their presence yet,
and there is still time to suggest agenda items,
there is a quorum to start doing business.
Regarding accepting the minutes of the previous meeting,
which is automatically a part of the Agenda, let me note
the following here also, because I'm putting all the
substantive messages of this meeting into a file to
place on the Web for members' purview and transparency:
"The last meeting was a special Board of Directors' Meeting
called to order on March 7, 2006 to deal with changing circumstances.
The forum where the meeting took place is not accessible at this time:
What happened at the meeting was that the previous Minutes were accepted
and we passed a Resolution to clarify our affiliation policies. For instance:
We also discussed the WAOE Spoken Libraries Project, which now has a 2006
Update by Nick Bowskill in England:
We discussed measures to minimize maintenance of WAOE's Website,
which foreshadowed the many changes still happening later in 2006.
The Board of Directors' Meeting proceedings will be posted on the Web
with an announcement of the URL to this list when the site is available."
From the Annual Members' Meeting site:
On this basis a motion could possibly be made during this meeting to
bear witness to the previous meeting and accept the proceedings.

I am present off and on. Just started a new job and am working against a
tight deadline to complete a new book by October 1st. However, I will login
three or four times this week.
Maggie McVay Lynch, CTO

> some of us had indicated we'll make contributions toward hosting costs:
> is this the time to do so?
> regards,
> John Afele, member
You are contributing so much, but I hope this means
you're doing better in your practical situation.
I'll have to check with the Board and Treasurer
to see what we may need and when.
Thanks so much,

Forwarded message:
> It is my hope that some of the activities I have described can lead to core user-group
> of learners (both teachers and students) in my primary area of concern (Africa) who
> are eager to use multimedia and online tools in building human capacity.
> I find WAOE very nurturing for me in that light - both as a place for me to learn,
> as well as a source for others, assuming that such usergroup does evolve.
> John Afele, member


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