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1999: As a result of an invitation to Fiji, the University of the South Pacific began to collaborate with the Global University System. For details see R. Wah's article (below) and Dr. Takeshi Utsumi's message.

2000: The University of Guam also started collaborating by inviting Dr. Utsumi to participate by teleconference in their project on Distance Education in the Western Pacific. He also visited Japan and the Philippines in late 2000, including the Diet and MITI in Tokyo.

2001: Dr. Utsumi received the World Peace Ambassador prize at the conference of the Association of World Citizens (AWC) in Taipei from March 30th to April 3rd.

In April-May 2001 Dr. Utsumi went from New York to the Philippines and then to Japan. He visited corporations and government offices such as JICA (see links below). A Global University System (GUS) ESL program for Japanese business people is also being developed.

In August, after another world peace conference speech in Taipei, Dr. Utsumi was in Tokyo again to meet leaders of Hitachi Corporation, Shinshu National University, and others.

In 2002, Dr. Utsumi traveled extensively to Cuba, Africa and elsewhere. GUS was officially received into the UNESCO UNITWIN program as the first virtual university so designated. GUS headquarters are being set up by Acting President Tapio Varis at Tampere University in Finland.

In early 2003 many of the more prominent GUS participants have been asked to contribute chapters to the book Global Peace Through The Global University System which will be published by the University of Tampere Press and be distributed at the UNESCO Conference on Teaching and Learning for Intercultural Understanding, Human Rights and a Culture of Peace, Jyvaskyla, Finland, 15-18 June 2003.

Asia-Pacific Links

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ICT Production and Diffusion in Asia: Digital Dividends or Digital Divide? [pdf file]
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List of Major Search Engines and Directories in Asia

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SEAMEO online training, Indonesia

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Richard Wah, "On-line Teaching: Basic Issues at the University of the South Pacific"

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Global Links

African Ministries of Education Connectivity Project: Association for the Development of Education in Africa (ADEA) | USAID Africa Bureau on Basic Education | Leland Initiative | UNESCO working group on Education Sector Analysis

Courseware Comparisons (including links to virtual learning environment providers) | more comparisons

"The Development of Virtual Education: A Global Perspective," by Dr. Glen Farrell, a Commonwealth of Learning (COL) report (170 pp.). The chapters are in PDF format and require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader

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World Association for Online Education (WAOE in 12 languages)

Japan's Telecommunications

[1999 Report by Steve McCarty:] By permission of Computing Japan magazine, especially for tele-learning and tele-medicine see "Blurred and fuzzy future for tele-connections" (Vol. 6 No. 8, Aug. 1999). For the state of telecommunications in Japan see also: "Internet by Satellite Flexes Muscles" (June 1999) "The End of NTT's Monopoly?" and "The New NTT Goes Global" (July 1999).

The Japan Times newspaper reported a new government telecommunications policy including the goals of fostering competition and promoting Internet use. But the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications is still struggling with the dominance of NTT (explained in the last two Computing Japan articles above).

The Nihon Keizai Shimbun economic daily reported an ambitious government-industry-academic new generation Internet project. Technical details are not provided, but the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, NTT, the Matsushita electric appliance company, Keio University and other partners are aiming to at least catch up with the US by the year 2001. They seem to be aiming for broadband transmission, integrating the software needed for easier use, and paving the way fror widespread e-commerce. With projections of a huge market by the year 2005, 6 billion yen is appropriated for next year to start this multi-sector project.

On NHK TV news a ruling party spokesman identified 21st Century priorities which included information, telecommunications and aerospace. Renewed satellite development appears to be included in the plans of companies, as the national climate seems very receptive to new telecommunications plans.

Science and Technology Agency Reveals Two New Satellite Projects (August 2000)

iMode FAQ (NTT DoCoMo mobile phones)

NTT plans wireless Net (July 2001)

IPv6 Internet Protocol Comes of Age (July 2001)

Japan's IT in Education

Steve McCarty, "Japanese Culture Meets Online Education" - Educom Review (1999) | "Reforms in Computer Education that are Possible for Japan" (2000) | H-JAPAN (J/E): International Standards for Japan's Universities (June 2000)

Panel Recommends That Japan Recognize Degrees Earned Online (July 2000)

Millenium Project in IT Education (July 2000) pdf file in Japanese

Japan's Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, in Japanese | English

National Institute of Multimedia Education, in Japanese | English

Japan Distance Learning Association (in Japanese)

Advanced Learning Infrastructure Consortium (in Japanese)

Barriers for Educational Use of the Internet in Japanese Higher Education (1999) in English | Japanese

Japan's Virtual University projects (in Japanese only) links or summaries

WebCT in Japanese e-Learning platform research group at Nagoya University (since 2000)

Teachers brave frontline of national IT offensive (2001)

Japan's Asian Digital Divide Plans

Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs on ICTs for the digital divide (Malaysia, the Phillipines, etc.)

Report of G8 Education Ministers' Meeting and Forum (April 2000) English | Japanese

JICA seminar & Japan's digital divide plan for July Okinawa Summit (May 2000)

Okinawa Charter on the Global Information Society (July 2000) English | Japanese

The Digital Divide Goes Global, J@pan Inc. magazine article (August 2000)

UN/OOSA workshop on digital divide in Kuala Lumpur, 11/20-24/00 (September 2000)

Digital Opportunity Task Force (2001) | NPO Consultation Committee, Japan | Related Sites: 1 2 3 4 5

Role of Japan's ODA in implementing the "Comprehensive Cooperation Package
to Address the International Digital Divide" - Ministry of Foreign Affairs (June 2001)

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